Saturday, January 31, 2009

Which is More Terrifying

Teenagers or Horror Movies

Last night a friend and I went to see a movie. We were too late to see all the ones we were really interested in, so we settled for a horror movie The Uninvited.
If you know me you know that at more then one point in this movie I screamed, watched the movie through my fingers and grabbed onto my friends hand. Luckily she did the same. We went to the 8pm showing of the show which is the teenage witching hour. We were overwhelmed by the 12-15 year old crowd. We were the old ladies that didn't want to be up past midnight. As we stood in line we observed the obvious differences and sad similarities between the way teenagers are now and what kind of teenagers we were a life time ago. I know I have said this a thousand times but I wouldn't go back to that age for all the ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. It was a horrible awkward time full of angst and self loathing. I prefer to be approaching 30 full of happiness and self love. We observed the same lack of self identity in these teenagers eyes. We also couldn't help but critique their clothes. Back in the day we rocked baggy boys jeans, baggy t-shirts, flannel shirts and clunky boots. Not only did we look cool (in our minds) we had the comfort of practically wearing jamies. Such is not the case anymore. The look is form fitting layered shirts and skinny jeans. This curvy girl would have requested to be home schooled and locked in a cave if the styles for teenagers now had been my only option. Another thing about teenagers that was brought to our attention last night was that they are mean. More mean then 2 cynical opinionated women in their mid - late twenty's. We walked into the IMAX theater and decided to sit in the top corner. As we sat down a girl screamed on the other side of the theater. My friend said "Hey shut up". I thought she was saying it to the girl on the other side of the theater. The kid in front of us looked at us and I said no not you. My fearless friend said "Yes YOU". Then she turned to me and said he was being rude and I said how rude. She said very rude. I let it drop when people won't tell me details it usually means they are protecting me. For a moment I felt like an insecure teenager again. This experience was a good reminder of how much I appreciate getting older. It also showed me that there is nothing more terrifying then a teenager (not even the undead crawling and clawing their way to your bed).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Things I have accomplished in the last week:

Surviving the drive between Boise & Salt Lake City and Salt Lake to Boise. This is a huge deal as the roads were poo both ways.

Making Miss Cassy's hair look "fabulous" for her wedding - she said so.

Starting a body conditioning class through Boise Education. It is awesome!!

I went grocery shopping. This is huge considering my fridge and cupboards were empty. I bought healthy stuff. I even purchased vanilla soy milk for my Special K cereal.

Did laundry (thank God for my Natalie and Andy letting me use their washer and dryer)

Geeked out with Natalie and Andy. Picture 3 adults with 3 laptops sitting at the kitchen table. All 3 listening to music, playing on facebook and watching youtube - Side note: if you haven't yet get on youtube and check out. .. Jeff Dunham, Jim Gaffigan (Hot Pockets), Jeff Dye and the preview for Wolverine!- It was fun!

I haven't ripped my hair out because of the project from hell at work.

Along with my daily showering . . .to help me relax I have taken baths at night. Its been so nice.It helps that when I was in Utah my mom gave me my belated birthday present. . a basket with sugar vanilla lotion, bubble bath, body spray and a candle. Its pure heaven add in some chill tunes and well there are no words.

Because of the baths I have also shaved my legs twice in one week. If you know me you know this nigh on to a miracle :) My sister would be so proud.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's Go To The Mall Part II

I went back to the mall yesterday to complete my quest: Finding adorable hair accessories for Cassy's wedding day hair.


I went to Icing not only did the accessory store have what I wanted for Cassy's hair, but it held many more treasures. (I have decided I should not be allowed back in the mall unless I leave my wallet at home and only allow myself a cash allowance) Needless to say it was absolutely essential that I get new shiny, dangley earrings and then of course I had to get studs for my the second piercing in my ears.

After I left there I made a fatal shopping error. I went to my favorite store . . . Torrid (the curvy girls dream store). Its not a huge store and I am sure I made my way around it ten times. I was talking myself into and out of buying new clothes. I grabbed some perfume because it was only $4.00. Then I justified a black long sleeve shirt. (If I may digress for a moment. . .I have very few clothes. I have a huge closet and I use less then a quarter of it. I can wash all my clothes in one load if I don't include my many pairs of jammies.) I walked up to pay and looked at the cashier and told her to tell me I needed a $50 pair of jeans. She said yes you do. I then told her my favorite pair of jeans are tore up and the other pair I have fit me weird. She said that was horrible and I absolutely needed a pair of $50 jeans. I as I grabbed the beautiful new jeans on the counter, I said new jeans are more important the groceries, right?. She said yes. That was all I the convincing I needed. She rang me up. I am determined to prove she must have been one of Satan's evil minions.

However now that I have all of these new purchases in my possession I am glad that I was tempted and spent the money.

The moral of this story is every once in a while its ok to splurge on yourself.
You DESERVE it!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's go to the Mall

On Saturday in an effort to join the human race I went to the mall. I left my house and instantly wished I had stayed home and taken a nap. I am not the biggest fan of crowds but I do enjoy people watching. My main purpose for going to the mall -other then just to get out of the house- was to go to Borders. I have been reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde online and its making me nuts. I prefer to have books in my hands. I love the smell of books. The way they feel and the way the look. It is comforting to me. I digress back to the mall.

As I roamed the stores of the Boise Town Center mall I observed quite a few things that made me laugh and roll my eyes.
*Mothers dragging their daughters around shopping for make-up and all things girly. The daughters making the "I wish you weren't here mom" face.
*Teenage "couples" hugging and holding hands and making me gag.
*A sweet boy on his phone telling someone that its better to go to Banana Republic because they will shop for you. Apparently the employees their just bring you clothes. I wouldn't know because Banana Republic is out of my size and price range.
*The restrooms practically require a map and compass to get to.
*Single fathers looking exhausted with their kids following them closely pointing to things they want and need.

All in all it was a good way to re-aclimate myself to humanity as I have been a shut in for the last 3 months. It was a fun adventure and I will be going back later this week. I am on a quest to find the most adorable piece of hair flair for my friend who is getting married on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babbling Becky

It used to be that the one way I could clear my head was to write. I would sit down with a pen and notebook and would just let it all flow. It would usually end in a glimmer of self discovery. I don't do that anymore. However I am desperate tonight because I haven't fallen asleep before 1:30 am in a week. If you know me this is truly out of character for me.

I was a half hour late for work today because I slept through my alarm. Thank God they just laughed at me. I moved snail like through my day. Every time my supervisor looked at me she gave me the "You poor girl look". A valid look considering today I appeared to be a zombie.

I forced myself to go to Walmart tonight. Ok I am exagerating. I needed some retail therapy. It was the most amazingly peaceful Walmart experience I have ever had. It was a wonderful Walmart quiet, clean, wide aisles and bright. I of course spent much more then I had anticipated. I was inclined to buy 2 different kinds of mascara. One mascara I know I like the other is a new kind that is supposed to enhance my eye color. I bought hair dye. I am nervous because its a brand that I have never used and its a shade lighter then I have been dying my hair for years. The reason I am going a shade lighter is because I have found the base color of my hair is now gray not dark brown and it doesn't take the dark brown so well. I also bought sleepy time tea. Which I am drinking as I write this fine example of babbling.

It seems the combination of the tea and the babbling is making me very drowsy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Much To Say

I feel like I have so much to say (blog), but I feel like I will say(blog)something ridiculous and it will be electronically imprinted for the rest of ETERNITY. Its not as if this is a little journal that I can burn after reading. Am I supposed to write witty clever things, intellectual rants or deep soul searching prose? Should I worry about being blunt, random and honest for fear of offending someone or being perceived as bitter jade unfiltered woman looking for another medium to lash out? Its obvious the answer to these questions do not require a rocket science, nifty equations or complicated graphs. I suppose its a matter of letting go of my fears of what other people think and feel about me.

To empower myself I declare to all of my blog followers and any other bystanders I will write without fear. I will not over analyze (thats not true I will because its my nature). I will just write.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Return to Blogging

I know its ridiculous how long it has been since I have written ANYTHING. Here is my update. I still don't drink soda (ok I have one soda a month). I haven't been able to kick the sweets though. . .dang it! I am now living in my own cute place in Boise, ID. Things are going well.

I wish there was more to report. I am lacking in the excitement department. In fact I have a friend that likes to remind me I am the most boring person EVER. Frankly, that's ok with me. I know that my life won't be this quiet forever, so I am enjoying.