Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Classy, Funky, Comfort

I don't like buying shoes. I don't like buying clothes. I like buying books, movies and Cd's. The things I like buying never make me second guess my looks or make me wonder why the hell my feet are swollen. Today however I went clothes/shoe shopping. I had to. In the last 3 weeks I have had to retire 3 pairs of dressy work pants because they are too big. Luckily I had 2 pairs of pants hidding on the shelf in my closet that I had hoped to fit into one day (low and behold that wonderful day came). It is awesome to go down sizes. However I wore my pants until when I walked they fell off me, because I loath clothes shopping so much. This morning I had to use a black sash to tie my pants up so they wouldn't fall off. I also had to toss a pair of work shoes today because the fabric had torn away from the sole of the shoe. Because of those 2 major events I took the time to go to Ross and Payless. At Ross I found a pair of pants 2 shirts and a pair of dress shoes. At Payless I found some funky fun shoes that made me feel GIDDY!! The following are pictures of my Classy new work shoes, my Funky shoes, and my favorite most Comfortable shoes. I would be lost without my comfortable shoes and they will have to be deteriorating before I ever toss them (sadly I think that day maybe soon)