Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling Quiet

It is strange not to have the Internet at home anymore. Even more strange is that at work I am cutting down on my Internet usage too. My life will never be Internet free, but I am excited to say its not as Internet dependant anymore.

I haven't been on Facebook in a while. I have determined its good thing to not have constant access to a bombardment of information that doesn't really change my world. No more seeing who is finding a lost sheep on who's its ville and what's its farm. It is also good for me to not take every quiz about what sort of personality disorder I have (but I don't think awesomeness is a disorder).

I have made more time for important things like hanging out with friends, making winter hats and scarfs, reading and cleaning. Its great. My obsessive compulsive desire to know every little detail of all my friends lives was getting out of hand. Worse then that was my compulsion to check if anyone was commenting on my cute pictures or cleverness. Vain??? Yes, so to say the least this is a learning experience in humility and reminding myself that what matters in the long run is what I think about myself.

I have enjoyed the quiet. I don't feel I have to have noise or media flashing at me ALL OF THE TIME. It is wonderful. I have greater sense of my space and where I am in it. Its nice when you take time to make everything around you stop spinning and just hold still and quiet your soul and yes my friends BREATHE.