Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First

This is my re-introduction to blogging. I have been steering clear of all internet related activity lately. Lately meaning the last 6 months. However that is a story in and of its self, and it definitely has a life of its own. Its not a story or a life that I am ready to post to the world yet.
I guess the real question is what am I ready to post to the world? The answer is that I am not certain. See I love to write. I find it very therapeutic. I know I will be able to let go of a lot of anger and heart-ache and I will be able to share a lot of joy and laughter by writing.
I have been doing a lot of self-evaluation and trying to be more pro-active about my life. What I mean is I am sick of sitting on the sidelines and watching life go by. For the first time I want to play. I want feel the wind blow through my hair as I run. I want to be free of the binding fear that I won't succeed. I want to experience the joy of complete disregard for the "consequences" and the "what if's". I want to be ruled by light and not by dark clouds.
I continue to learn that if there is a silver lining it doesn't have to be followed by a cloud. There can be another silver lining after it, even better there can be a rainbow. I am by nature cynical. . .its a very counterproductive way to be. I am amazed at how challenging it is to be a positive person. Part of the more mature me is looking forward to conquering that challenge.