Sunday, June 28, 2009

Earwigs Be Ware!

Let me start out by stating I am not a gardener. I have never loved anything that has to do with working outside when its hot. I would rather work on a car and get grease under my nails and oil in my face then wrestle with nature. Don't get me wrong I like to view nature and be surrounded by nature I just don't like to try to control it. Now that you know this you are properly prepared to hear the rest of my story.

I have a garden along the side of my garage that runs parallel to the sidewalk that leads to my front door. I have successfully neglected this garden up until today. I had let it get over grown and sad. I love my home and was determined this weekend to take care of the outside. I went to Fred Meyer and got some gardening gloves and a little spade. I already had clippers thanks to my friend Megan. I set everything next to my front door on Friday night so it would stare at me and force me to take care of the mess along my garage. Around 5:30 this evening when the garden was shaded I ventured into the great wild.

Here is what I found. My 4 rose bushes had to be trimmed back so much that there are no longer roses on them. The iris plant that I have will be easy to dig up as soon as I find a shovel. I have an earwig problem. Yep, the last thing is going to make me a gardener. The earwigs, destroyed my roses and that is why I had to trim them back to nothing. I now care what my garden looks like. I am going to wrestle nature and win!!! I will have a beautiful garden that shows how much I love my cute house. I will no longer let it be over run by weeds and ugly bugs that don't love my garden like I do!

-I would also like to take a moment to show my appreciation to the Ipod GODS!! Without them my gardening love would be more like gardening obligation and disdain!-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Early Morning Adventures of an Insomniac

Saturday at 2:30 am I was wide awake. 3:30 am still not sleeping tried reading. 4:30 am annoyed with reading started surfing the net. 5:30 thought hey I have never been to Oregon, I think its about time. So I hopped in my car and drove to Ontario, OR.

I ended up in the most beautiful place. It was Ontario State Recreation Site. Its not far off the freeway. I enjoyed the view of the Snake River. The sound combination of the river, the wind blowing through the trees and the birds was so inviting. I sat on a tree and lost myself in the moment. It was just what I needed to clear my mind and find some peace. I was so glad that I decided to throw some spontaneity into my world.

As I was sitting there breathing deeply enjoying the nature around me I realized that I want a big kid camera. I would love to take up photography as a hobby and I am afraid that the camera on my cell phone just isn't going to work for this new goal.

This picture is to remind you all that I LOVE hooded sweatshirts. It was the perfect temperature for a sweatshirt. This unseasonably cool June freaking ROCKS (yes I am doing the Hoddie Happy Dance)

I am happy to report that when I returned home from my adventure I went to sleep for a few hours. I woke up refreshed. I proceeded to have an eventful, fun and FANTASTIC Saturday.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcoming Change

The last month has delivered a lot of interesting experiences. It always amazes me how much I can learn about myself in a short period of time. What I have learned is that the my path may not be clear now, but when the fog lifts I will see that the rocks I have stumbled over have actually been stepping stones to great personal achievement's. I will be closer to my ultimate goals. Through tears, sweat, self-doubt and fatigue I have found that embracing change and not fighting it, is much better for my stubborn soul. I know now when I accept change I feel peaceful. I have realized that change does NOT equal challenge. As I write this I can't help but smile. I am happy and grateful for the changes in my life and I now welcome them with hope and love.