Monday, October 19, 2009


Last week in Happy Class we started vision boards. A vision board is a tool to help you create a matching vibration to what it is you want to have/be or do in your life and in your world. I was thrilled to be doing this. A few months ago I had made 3 small visions boards for my house and they make me very happy. I have collected a ton of magazines for cards that I make. I had all the tools necessary to make an outstanding vision board. It took me hours this weekend to complete it, but it was worth it. It was an interesting way for me to gain some insight into my dreams, goals and soul.

The first pictures are of the meager beginnings of my vision started last Tuesday:

Travel Section: Well its obvious that I need to go to Europe.

Love Section: Yes I am aware that Hugh Jackman is taken, but I would like someone with a kind smile and compassionate eyes.

Me Section: Who I am and who I want to become.

Health Section: Though its missing in these initial pictures it makes a grand appearance in the finished project.

This is my finished board the picture doesn't do it justice. I have to say I love my board its inspiring and exciting.

This is the mess I made . . .I enjoyed every moment of it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happiness Homework

I signed up for a community education class that started last Tuesday. The class is called Creating Happiness: Law of Attraction. As I have only attended one class its hard to explain just what the class is all about other then putting into practice the art of being happy. Of course it is acknowledged that people aren't happy all of the time. Your happiness is your responsibility and nobody elses. We were assigned to think about what makes us happy and come back this week and share. Of course I wrote down what makes me happy and I thought I would share with my blog readers (this is only a glimps of what makes me happy). I also challenge you all to think about what makes you happy.

What Makes Me Happy...
Music-because its an expression of all the emotions that touch my soul
My family and friends - the support and love they give me is infinate
Making people smile and laugh
Accomplishing my health goals
Nurturing and caring for others
Paying my bills
My job and my co-workers (seriously I have a great job and work with awesome people!)
My Mazda Protege aka Baby
Good books that inspire me to be the best version of me and encourage me to grow
Having the ability to create and share my creations with others
My body, all my senses, my moving limbs, my voice
Laughing until I "weeze" or can't breathe
Pajama Days
Traveling and seeing other places. Learning what makes these places and its people special.
Watching documentaries on PBS about subjects that I may not have ever been exposed to otherwise
Getting letters, cards and magazines in the mail
Smell of bubble gum and pepermint gum
Having a place to live and food to eat
Knowing I am not alone in this universe
Having a sense of community and commonality with human kind
Knowing that a broken heart can't kill me
Faith in myself
Smiles from strangers
Being able to afford to decorate my home
Ice Cream especially chocolate peanut butter cup blizzards from Dairy Queen
My clothes being to big for me because I have lost inches
Cloud watching
Love and peace of mind make me the most happy